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Fire Suppression

  • Water-Based Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Wet, Dry, Deluge, Pre-action and Anti-Freeze Sprinkler Systems
  • Special Hazard Suppression Systems: AFFF Foam, Chemical and Gaseous Agents
  • Clean Agent, Co2
  • Portable, Hand Held Fire Extinguishers
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Fire Hydrants/Underground Fire Service Connections
  • Aerosol Fire Protection
  • Clean Agent, CO2
  • Wet and Dry Chemical
  • Fire Pump Controls and Repair
  • Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression

CCTV Surveillance Systems, Security & Access Control

  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Communication Systems: Intercommunication, Audio/Paging & Wireless Communication
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarm Communications
  • Health Care:
    • Patient Monitoring
    • Nurse Call
    • Code Blue
  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Communication Systems: Intercommunication, Audio/Paging & Wireless Communication
  • Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarm

Initiating Device Systems

  • Video Smoke and Flame Detection
  • Manual Pull Stations
  • Water Flow, Valve Tamper and Sprinkler Supervisory Switches
  • Smoke Alarms & Sensors
  • Analog Addressable Sensors
  • Detection Devices: – High Sensitivity (Air Sampling) – Linear Heat – Duct – Projected Beam – Flame – Open Area
  • Wireless Initiating Devices
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Spark and Ember Detection and Extinguishment
  • Early Warning Air Sampling Aspiration
  • Open Area Smoke Detection

Explosion Protection Systems

  • Fast Acting Valves
  • Explosion Isolation via Chemical Suppression and or Fast Acting Valves
  • Pressure Relief Venting Solutions
  • Explosion Suppression Systems
  • Explosibility Testing of Dusts and Gasses
  • Dust Explosibility Testing

Fire & Smoke Controls

  • Voice Evacuation Panels
  • Fire Fighter Phone Systems
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Control Panels: – Conventional – Analog Addressable – Wireless
  • Area of Rescue
  • Fire Service Annunciator & Interface
  • Smoke Control Systems

Fire Notification & Emergency


  • Area of Rescue Assistance “ARA” systems
  • Explosion Proof Notification Appliances
  • Horn & Horn Strobes
  • Strobes
  • Bells
  • Speakers & Speakers with Strobe
  • Chimes & Chimes with Strobe
  • Mass Notification Systems

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Inspection Services, Fire Extinguishers & Asset Protection

Inspection Services

vsc fire security inc capabilities_inspection servicesThe National Fire Protection Association Codes provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, three year and five year testing and inspection requirements for fire protection systems. VSC Fire & Security, Inc. works closely with our clients to help maintain their mandatory fire sprinkler inspection, fire extinguisher and fire alarm inspection schedules. To help you avoid costly and time-consuming re-inspection orders and fire code violations, we partner with our clients to help maintain compliance and stay ahead of inspection and maintenance requirements. Many of our customers achieve significant cost savings and save both effort and time by consolidating all of their fire protection services and inspections with VSC Fire & Security, Inc.

Our customers who opt for an Inspection and Service Contract find it very convenient to streamline fire sprinkler and fire protection system inspections and service. This option simplifies the management of fire sprinkler, fire extinguisher and fire alarm inspections with one main phone number, one master invoice and one primary contact. We also provide automatic reminders for upcoming service requirements and assist with scheduling and follow-up. To help optimize your compliance with fire protection equipment inspection requirements, ask for a free estimate today.

NFPA 25 Diesel Fuel Compliance Testing

NFSC 25 compliance testing vsc fire and security incThrough our new partnership with the National Fuel Service Corporation (NFSC), we’re offering comprehensive diesel fuel testing and maintenance services, ensuring you meet both 2014 and 2017 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 compliance standards. We’ve got the collective expertise to do it all. In fact, if you run a mission critical facility like a hospital, data center, or military installation, we can perform onsite remediation and management services while your equipment is running—so your operation continues without any downtime. Contact us to learn more about the new NFPA 25 standards, and to schedule your annual diesel fuel testing and maintenance.
Download NFPA 25 Brochure


Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service & Inspection

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VSC Fire & Security, Inc. sells, services, recharges and inspects numerous manufacturers and brands of fire extinguishers. Here is an overview of the steps for our customized Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service:

  • Determine the number, size, and type of fire extinguishers and assess compliance
  • Evaluate whether the fire volume is calibrated at the required intervals
  • Analyze the pressurization and charge level for each fire extinguisher unit
  • Determine the accessibility, the visibility, site and height of each fire extinguisher
  • Closely examine the nozzles, handles, hoses, shell, O-rings, valve and horn, wear, tampering, erosion and rust
  • Adhere the tamper seal on the locking pin and update
  • Complete the service tag requirements (if the fire extinguisher is deemed compliant)
  • Provide a comprehensive estimate for recommended service, testing, re-charging or replacement as needed


Fire Sprinkler Pipe Corrosion & Obstruction: Inspection & Mitigation Services

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VSC Fire & Security, Inc. provides corrosion inspection and resolution services for internal fire sprinkler system pipes. Ask us for a free estimate for our Internal Pipe Inspection services to detect microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), sludge, rust and debris from the water supply.

Fire sprinkler system corrosion and water damage potential costs include: damage to or loss of interiors walls and floors, equipment, furnishings, threat of mold growth, products and/or data storage, disruption of workplace productivity, replacement and emergency repair costs and more. To prepare and plan for the increasing threat of corrosion and obstruction in fire sprinkler systems, VSC Fire & Security provides resolution and mitigation services to help address corrosion and obstruction issues.