CCTV, Security, and Access Control Systems

You can’t be everywhere at once—but the right technology can still help you keep a constant eye on your perimeters, your personnel, or your patients.

Protect your business, healthcare campus, or military facility with the suite of VSC security solutions.

From the 24/7 internal surveillance capabilities of closed circuit television (CCTV), to nurse call systems for patients in need, to access control systems that let you control who enters your facility, VSC provides top-of-the-line security solutions you can be confident about.

We offer:

  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Communication Systems: Intercommunication, Audio/Paging, & Wireless Communication
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Alarm Communications
  • Health Care:
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Nurse Call
  • Code Blue

As always, we can design, install, and repair all of the systems we offer. Call us about tailoring a security solution that’s right for your business.