Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service, and Testing

VSC Fire & Security, Inc. sells, services, recharges and inspects numerous manufacturers and brands of fire extinguishers. Here is an overview of the steps for our customized Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service:

  • Determine the number, size, and type of fire extinguishers and assess compliance
  • Evaluate whether the fire volume is calibrated at the required intervals
  • Analyze the pressurization and charge level for each fire extinguisher unit
  • Determine the accessibility, the visibility, site and height of each fire extinguisher
  • Closely examine the nozzles, handles, hoses, shell, O-rings, valve and horn, wear, tampering, erosion and rust
  • Adhere the tamper seal on the locking pin and update
  • Complete the service tag requirements (if the fire extinguisher is deemed compliant)
  • Provide a comprehensive estimate for recommended service, testing, re-charging or replacement as needed