Inspection Services

You invested a lot in your fire and security systems. You want to make sure they work as well as the day they were installed.

Whether we designed your fire protection systems or not, we’ll inspect the ones you’ve got—though you’ll get a better deal if you design, install, and inspect with VSC.

To help you avoid costly and time-consuming re-inspection orders and fire code violations, we partner with our clients to help maintain compliance and stay ahead of inspection and maintenance requirements. Many of our customers achieve significant cost savings and save both effort and time by consolidating all of their fire protection services and inspections with VSC Fire & Security, Inc.

With one main phone number, one master invoice, and one primary contact, choosing an inspection and service contract simplifies the management of fire sprinkler, fire extinguisher, and fire alarm inspections. We also provide automatic reminders for upcoming service requirements and assist with scheduling and follow-up.

To help optimize your compliance with fire protection equipment inspection requirements, ask for a free estimate today.