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The price of a $3 doorstop

A $3 doorstop can cost you thousands. You are responsible for a mission critical facility or mission critical area inside of a facility. Maybe it’s telecommunication equipment, a server room, a motor control room, a process control room, or a power equipment room.

Do You Have a High Voltage Distribution Room?

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Because high voltage distribution rooms have become more complex, they’ve grown more vulnerable to fire related problems as well. This important piece of infrastructure needs to be protected from costly downtime. Enter FirePro® Xtinguish fire suppression solutions. These innovative products use an aerosol forming solid… Read more

7 Essential Tips for Keeping your Fire Protection Systems in Service

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Whether you work with a professional service provider, or are doing the majority of the work yourself, it’s important to know the fundamentals of fire safety system assessment. Protecting your business and its occupants, as well as staying code compliant, is an extremely important responsibility…. Read more