Because high voltage distribution rooms have become more complex, they’ve grown more vulnerable to fire related problems as well. This important piece of infrastructure needs to be protected from costly downtime. Enter FirePro® Xtinguish fire suppression solutions. These innovative products use an aerosol forming solid compound that has the power to put out Class A, B, and C fires without harmful side effects or lowering the oxygen levels in the protected area. The aerosol generator units can be thermally or electrically activated.


Combining Premiere Fire Suppressant Solutions
The FirePro® Xtinguish, along with the eLAN and HCVR-3 releasing fire alarm control panels, produces the perfect fire extinguishing solution for high voltage distribution rooms, electrical substations, control rooms, electrical cabinets and panels, sub-floor storage containers and trailers (above ceiling), enclosed machinery, solar inverters, wind turbines, water treatment plants, tunnels, warehouses, and more.


Eco-friendly Fire Suppression Technology

The FirePro Xtinguish™ system is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-pyrotechnic fire suppression product, with zero global warming and ozone depletion potential. As it utilizes an aerosol-forming solid compound, inhibiting the chemical chain reactions, it breaks the chemical reaction of the fire efficiently and cleanly with no harmful residues or deposits. Even though the FirePro Xtinguish™ system is extremely powerful, the installation process isn’t complicated and it requires minimal maintenance.


HCVR-3 Conventional Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panel

The HCVR-3 is at the heart of the FirePro Xtinguish™ system, controlling and monitoring the entire system, including annunciation, detection and suppression. Coupled with Hochiki’s superior quality detectors and FirePro Xtinguish™, the HCVR-3 is an ideal solution for all fire suppression needs.


Thermal Activation

Thermal activation is achieved as a result of the Bulb Thermal Actuator (BTA). The company’s latest BTA provides a comprehensive detection as well as automatic suppression solution, and external power isn’t required. The BTA uses a temperature sensitive fluid within a glass bulb. Once the activation temperature is reached the bulb bursts, activating a Xtinguish aerosol generator. Applications include things like storage containers, electrical cabinet protection, and numerous others.


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“T” Type Generators

Included in the product expansion for the FirePro Xtinguish fire suppression solutions are the release of the “-T” type generators (UL listed). The “-T” generator was designed for electrical and/or thermal activation. Electrical activation will be achieved by utilizing the HCVR-3, eLAN RS-H, or other listed compatible releasing control panel. In addition, electrical activation can be accomplished by utilizing one of the ‘FPC’ controllers, including the FPC-1, 2, or 5. The “-T” style generators are also 100% backward compatible in pre-existing systems and can be a replacement for current generators.


The FirePro Xtinguish fire suppression solution’s design includes the following standard features and benefits.

  • An efficient pre-engineered system
  • Environmentally friendly (with Green Label status)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Minimal post fire cleanup
  • Easy installation – doesn’t require pressurized bottles or piping
  • Requires significantly less space in comparison to common pressurized suppression systems
  • Doesn’t deplete oxygen
  • Breaks chemical chain reaction to extinguish fire
  • Mounting brackets included

The FirePro Xtinguish™ system demonstrates VSC Fire & Security and Hochiki’s commitment to their customers and the fire suppression industry. It’s the perfect fire suppression solution if you have a high voltage distribution room,