Traditional fire extinguishers have always been round, rendering it problematic for interior designers, architects and building owners. The slim, innovative design of Oval fire extinguishers provides these professionals with opportunity to improve the flow in buildings and they’re compliant with today’s safety codes and regulations.

Following are a few of the key benefits of Oval Fire Extinguishers:


Attractive and Practical

As aesthetically pleasing as they are practical, the 10 lb., thin profile, intelligently designed Oval extinguishers protrude less and look great without sacrificing convenience and ease of use. You can always count on the Oval fire extinguisher to fit into the space perfectly. Their practical design makes them a popular choice for professionals that include engineers, architects, building owners, general contractors, and more. Oval fire extinguishers are also more reliable, efficient, and safer.





The innovative design of Oval extinguishers prevents them from falling to the floor, avoiding the chance of serious personal injury and damage to the extinguisher. The unique design of the OVAL 10lb ABC fire extinguisher includes how it fits into a cabinet, fully recessed into its 2×4 wall assembly.  In addition, for use in surface mounted applications, the OVAL features a button hook attachment ensuring that the extinguisher won’t easily fall off the hooks if bumped into.


Cleaner Design

The clean, slim design of the Oval fire extinguisher and cabinet means less protrusion. This makes it possible for interior designers and architects to create cleaner, more uniform corridors.




Because of the OVAL fire extinguisher’s distinctive design (the first of its kind), there won’t be a compliance problem. The extinguisher won’t protrude more than 4 inches into a corridor which means it meets the protrusion limits required by ADA and ANSI A117.1.


Rust Proof

The Oval fire extinguishers are the perfect choice for industries that have environments that promote rust (mining, vehicles, forging, etc.), a real issue with steel extinguishers. Oval extinguishers are made from non-corrosive aluminum so rust won’t be a problem.




Oval fire extinguishers are the answer to challenging problems for industries that include the following.



Oval fire extinguishers are a popular choice with architects for a variety of reasons that include their innovative design. The extinguishers can be conveniently recessed into a 3×5/8 stud wall. This factor saves time, material and square footage. The flush, fully recessed extinguisher cabinets can be installed within standard 3-5/8 stud framing and 6-inch concrete masonry units.


Medical Facilities

Since 2017, fire extinguishers frequently haven’t complied with requirements in the healthcare industry. Medical facilities basically have two options today. Number 1 – recess their existing surface mounted fire extinguisher. Recessing the surface, drywall or masonry, can cost between $750 and $2000. Going this route can also create a substantial infectious disease liability due to the dust it creates. Number two – invest in an Oval low-profile extinguisher which will not only lower the costs but avoid liability problems. As an example, one medical facility has calculated a savings of over $700K by replacing their existing non-compliant, surface mounted round extinguishers with the purchase of 500 Oval Brand extinguishers. Also, important to note is the Oval brand extinguishers are the only ones that comply with the recently updated NFPA-101 Life Safety Code (2012 edition), CMS and ADA requirements when they are surface mounted in corridors.


Building Owners and General Contractors

Building owners and general contractors can increase rentable square footage with the Oval’s flush cabinet design and standard 3-5/8-inch stud framing. This can save approximately 3 square feet or more for every extinguisher location.


Bottom line, the Oval is known for their revolutionary fire protection products. They’ve done it again with your innovative fire extinguisher.


Note: Fire safety equipment can fail if it isn’t tested and maintained on a regular basis. Fire extinguisher maintenance is especially important and routine monitoring is crucial. Without appropriate maintenance, fire extinguishers can end up malfunctioning just when they’re needed the most. VSC fire safety experts can help keep your facility safe from potential fire hazards and ensure that you remain compliant. Contact us today for more information.