Have you ever wondered goes on at your school during the summer months to get ready for the fall semester? It’s a time when teacher training, necessary maintenance, setting up classrooms and more takes place. It’s also when fire and life safety systems are inspected, tested, repaired and updated if necessary, ensuring that they’re ready to protect students, staff and visitors.

Fire Safety in Schools is Critically Important
Over 5,000 structure fires are documented in educational institutions every year, with an estimated 13%, occurring in adult education facilities and college classrooms. An estimated 11% are reported in daycare centers annually. According to an NFPA study:

– Half of the fires in schools were started intentionally.
– Approximately 10% of fires start in the cafeteria or kitchen.
– A third of the fires reported took place in school bathrooms.
– Approximately 66% of fires in pre-schools take place between 6 and 3 p.m.
– The majority of school fires happen during the day, primarily around lunchtime.

This summer VSC Fire & Security technicians have been hard at work in public and private schools all over the region. The services we provided vary, but include testing and inspecting fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm and notification systems, portable fire extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression and emergency lighting. Following is additional information regarding fire protection systems and products, maintenance, inspection and testing.



fire safety in school - fire alarms - vsc fire security

Fire Alarms
Fire alarm systems are crucial to fire safety in schools and alerting facility members, students and visitors of a potential emergency. Our certified fire protection technicians are equipped to install, properly test and maintain fire alarm systems throughout educational facilities and campuses. We make sure that the schools we serve are up to code and meet necessary requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Properly functioning fire sprinkler systems provide 24/7 protection. Even if a fire starts between semesters or during holidays, accurately inspected sprinkler systems will respond immediately when heat from a fire activates a sprinkler. It is extremely important to have all the system components such as water flow alarm devices, air supplies, water supplies, control valves and pumps connected to fire sprinkler systems tested in accordance with NFPA 25, making sure that the sprinklers, pipe network and water pressure interact efficiently when it comes to controlling a fire.


fire safety in school - fire extinguishers - vsc fire security


Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are important fire-fighting tools. All schools are required to have an adequate number of functional, up to date fire extinguishers on site. Proper fire extinguisher installation, inspection, maintenance, training and education, will help save property and lives.

This summer VSC Fire & Security serviced, tested, inspected, installed and made necessary fire safety repairs to hundreds of educational facilities. Here’s a quick rundown of the school facilities we serviced this summer.

– K-12th grade education facilities – 832 different elementary, middle and high schools.

– Colleges, universities, community and other higher learning facilities – 642 buildings which include classroom, dorms, dining, sports and other support facilities.

At VSC Fire & Security, we’re devoted to fire safety excellence. Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to meet any school’s fire safety needs. Our mission to protect the lives of students, teachers and visitors through fire safety and life safety code compliance. Contact us online or call if you have any questions we can help with!