Baltimore, MD — The VSCF&S Baltimore office recently completed a major project for a long standing VSCF&S customer, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital (Pratt Hospital), a world-renowned psychiatric hospital in Towson, MD, just north of Baltimore. Pratt Hospital is a 336-bed psychiatric facility with more than 9,400 admissions per year.

In late Spring 2014, the Joint Commission for Healthcare Accreditation Organization, which is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies health care organizations and programs in the United States, imposed some extensive stipulations on Pratt Hospital. The report required compliance on a very tight deadline of just a few weeks for the design, submission, approval, installation and testing for a new fire sprinkler system in the attic in one of the hospital buildings.

VSCF&S was hired to complete this very challenging task. With the accreditation of the hospital at stake, the VSFC&S Baltimore installation and inspection professionals worked overtime and weekends to get the necessary fire sprinkler work completed. Numerous hurdles regarding the fire sprinkler installation were addressed before VSCF&S could start work on the attic area including: upgraded fire pump work; a total site evaluation by a third party Fire Protection Engineer; permitting plans through the local Authority having jurisdiction; and, building structural issues that needed to be resolved prior to installing pipe in the attic.

“After these various hurdles were addressed and the sprinkler pipe was fabricated, Val Deschaine, field superintendent, and Wayne Kicklighter, field foreman, formulated a brilliant plan to get the system installed within a three week period,” said Bob Wineholt, general manager in Baltimore.

VSCF&S Baltimore was challenged with a tight deadline while designing and installing a sprinkler system in the attic of the hospital.

“All of the Baltimore sprinkler district inspection and installation crews managed to work this project into an already busy schedule and to meet the deadline. In the end, over 500 sprinkler heads were installed, tested and accepted. Mission accomplished. Job well done Baltimore.”

Congratulations to everyone in the VSCF&S Baltimore office for a fantastic team effort: including Kevin Parker, sales and project manager; David Victor, design manager; Neil Eber, designer; Val Deschaine, field superintendent; and, all the crew members in the workforce field team which is under the leadership of Wayne Kicklighter, field foreman.

A VSCF&S customer since 2005, Baltimore inspections department has grown the Pratt Sheppard hospital account to more than 14 buildings. The hospital, along with VSCF&S, is fully committed to the Joint Commission Standards and Life Safety requirements. During 2014, the Baltimore VSCF&S inspection service team supported the hospital with 15 fire hydrants, a series of Back Flow preventers and various service deficiency and maintenance work. VSCF&S is now in process of negotiating a fire alarm contract addition in the same space that the Baltimore VSCF&S sprinkler department just completed.

“Rick Close, VSCF&S’s life safety and low voltage project manager for Sheppard Pratt for over two years, and the entire team have built strong relationships by communicating effectively and by providing timely answers to the concerns of the customer,” said Dave Busch, VSCF&S Baltimore low voltage district manager. “Our work at Sheppard Pratt is an excellent example of VSCF&S comprehensive services for life safety, inspection and fire protection.”