Thanks to our new collaboration with the Carbon Fuel Services (CFS), we’re able to provide extensive diesel fuel testing and maintenance services, making certain that your facility meets the 2014 and 2017 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 compliance standards. If you operate a mission critical facility like a military installation, data center, or hospital, we’ll be able to execute on-site management and remediation services, at the same time that your equipment is operating, so that your facility can continue running without any downtime.

What is NFPA 25 Diesel Fuel Compliance Testing?

NFPA 25 is the baseline pertaining to the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems (water-based). Being in compliance facilitates maximize system integrity which helps avoid failure, and ensures a fast and efficient response in a fire related emergency.



Who Can Perform the Inspections and Testing?

NFPA 25 states that inspection, maintenance and testing needs to be executed by a highly qualified person with experience, who has also completed comprehensive training. VSC Fire & Security is one of very few that does this testing.

VSC Fire & Security, Inc technicians have completed courses that provide them with the knowledge and expertise required to handle the many challenges that are associated with thorough inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems, and how to keep your facilities in compliance. These professionals can also conduct internal inspections on alarm valves, dry valves and pre-action valves. They also learn to perform hydrant flow tests, fire pump flow tests, and fire pump churn tests on site.  In addition, they’ll can determine how often an inspection, maintenance and testing activities should be conducted and establish an actionable schedule. We can work within your operating budget to see that we can spend your fire protection and risk management dollars wisely.



Recent Changes to NFPA25 related to safety:

The changes that have been made to NFPA 25 via a Tentative Interim amendment (TIA 17-2), are intended for the protection of inspection personnel from risks of electrocution and the dangers of Arc Flash. These changes only affect the procedures for voltage and amperage measurement for electric drive fire pumps during annual flow testing.

An additional change to NFPA25 is that inspectors will no longer be required to take amperage and voltage readings within an open controller. The producers of fire pump controllers are aware of these types of hazards and newer controllers have been created that enable external measurement of amperage and voltage.



What This Means to You

If your fire pump controller facilitates for external measurement you won’t notice a difference in your yearly fire pump documentation. If you have an older controller, you will not see the voltage and amperage readings documented on your annual fire pump report. This change in procedure does not impact the ability of the inspector to evaluate the performance of the fire pump, and the change in testing procedure does not represent a hazard to your facility or personnel.

Our partnership with NSFC is just one more step we’re taking to provide the superior quality service you’ve come to expect from VSC. Feel free to contact us to schedule your diesel fuel testing and maintenance, or to find out more about the latest NFPA 25 standards.