Richmond, VA — VSC Fire & Security, Inc. (VSCF&S) is partnering with Crowder Construction Company to install deluge type sprinkler systems for biomass fuel power station conversions at three different Virginia Dominion Power stations: the Altavista Power Station in Altavista, VA; the Southampton Power Station in Franklin, VA; and, the Hopewell Power Station in Hopewell, VA.

“With the strength of our large footprint in Virginia and our more than 50 years of fire protection expertise and service, VSCF&S was in a prime position to be awarded these three substantial projects with Crowder Construction and Virginia Dominion Power,” said Rob McCoy, manager of the VSCF&S Roanoke district office.

The Altavista project, which is now complete, was the first of a series of three projects. The Altavista Power Station is located on 32 acres in Altavista, Virginia and is being converted from using coal to biomass, a renewable energy source. The station is expected to begin burning clean biomass in 2013. VSCF&S installed deluge type sprinkler systems in six conveyor systems, a hog tower, truck tipper and biomass stacker which was connected by a 35 foot long braided flexible pipe. The conveyors range from 100 to 500 feet long and up to 100 feet high. The deluge systems are released by a ProtectoWire Firesystem fire alarm/releasing control panel. The entire project consists of approximately 350 Protectospray nozzles; eight deluge valves; and, galvanized six inch schedule 40 pipe.

“The most challenging aspect of the project is installing a deluge sprinkler system in the stacker which is a rotating arm 112 feet in the air 100 feet long. It rotates 320 degrees and tilts up and down,” said Rob McCoy.

The work on the Southampton and Hopewell stations are in the beginning stages.

“The success of Rob McCoy’s team on the Altavista conversion and our strong history of fire protection service in Virginia led directly to VSCF&S being considered in both the Hopewell and Franklin conversions. From there, the Richmond and Virginia Beach district offices took the ball and ran. The VSCF&S teams in these three offices worked closely together to collaborate on the planning and execution of these massive biomass conversion projects. I am pleased to see that these three VSCF&S offices have worked together to provide seamless customer service to our clients while maximizing VSCF&S’s participation in these conversions,” said Mike Martin, VSCF&S chief operating officer.