At VSC Fire & Security, we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with our clients. Having been in business for 60 years, we excel at providing our customers with professional, prompt service.

More About VSC

We have a long and excellent history of providing timely, dependable service. As a full-service company, we provide specialized fire protection and safety solutions to a wide range of customers and businesses. Our professional solutions include all aspects of fire safety, including fire extinguisher installation and maintenance, 24/7 emergency service, asset protection and more. Our solutions protect investments and ensures compliance with relevant fire safety legislations. Because the industry and regulations are constantly changing, our customer’s count on us to keep them up to date and compliant.


Expert Training

The highly skilled and trained professionals that make up our workforce will be able to expertly assess your specific situation and explain various options to suit your needs. Our continuing education and ongoing training keep us up-to-date with the latest techniques and methods being used in the fire safety industry. The quality of the individuals that work with us has led stellar relationships with our customers that don’t just see us as a company, but an important partner. We’re the ones who are always here to help them out, 24/7. As a VSC customer, whatever it is you need, you will always be first with us.


Service Oriented “Mobile” Systems

We constantly strive to be innovative and efficient. The mobile friendly solutions we use to facilitate transparency and teamwork make it possible for any job we take on to be conducted quickly, accurately and completely. Investing in “mobile friendly” technologies has made it possible for our team to do everything they need to do on mobile devices, including administrative functions and field service responsibilities. The technologies we use also helps us accurately manage our customer’s accounts and fire and safety equipment.  This efficiency has also provided quality of life for our team members.


Innovative Customer Service

We take what we do very seriously and do so by providing our customers with unsurpassed value and service. We make this happen by putting a strong emphasis on professional service, quality work, integrity and our commitment to the safety of our partners. It is our mission to always provide premiere service at a cost-effective price.


VSC Fire & Security’s Promise is Your Safety and Complete Satisfaction.


Our core services include:


Regardless of the size of your business, contact us today and experience the VSC Fire & Security difference. Whether you need emergency service, a fire extinguisher inspection or service, or any other service we provide, we want to be the fire and security company you call first.