SeaWorld is preparing to introduce their much-anticipated Infinity Falls Ride. The ride, set in a lush jungle environment features 14, 8-person rafts, a couple of exciting drops (one that is the largest river raft drop in the world), and an impressive 1520-feet of exhilarating rapids. The attraction is going to be part of a new area of the park that is designed to promote the “Park to Planet” initiative set up by SeaWorld. This initiative is focused on educating guests regarding the challenges the planet is facing, hopefully inspiring them to help. The Infinity Falls ride is the first SeaWorld project worked on by the VSC Fire & Security’s Orlando office. Our Orlando office has also worked on projects for Disney in all four parks in addition to Universal, and LEGOLAND.


More About the SeaWorld Infinity Falls Ride
The Infinity Falls ride will take visitors up 67 feet, running on a vertical lift system, shooting its 8-person circular rafts down the immense river raft drop. The ride is also said to feature heart pounding rapids, wild twists and turns and entertaining water elements. Guests will wind their way around drenching waterfalls and fountains as they pass the remains of a long-lost civilization. The roaring world class rapids will send guests hurtling through chutes before plunging down the highest drop of its kind into churning whitewater. The ride is going to start in the park’s Harmony Village.



VCS Fire & Security and SeaWorld – a Unique Collaboration
At VCS we’re always up for a challenge which was definitely the case with this project. This unique undertaking called for loading and unloading building to be protected, using a dry pipe sprinkler system. In order to properly drain, the system piping has to be pitched so that the water can be removed from the system after activations. This is typically achieved using offsets and fittings, however, this building presented a unique challenge with a high curved ceiling. SeaWorld was also concerned about aesthetics and would not allow the “offsets and fittings” method to be used. This meant that our team had to delve into NFPA (National Fire and Protection) 13 section (2013 edition) and utilize the pipe bending methods described there. We had to conduct all calculations for bends, and careful design and site work was required to make certain all pieces precisely fit where they should. The SeaWorld project was one of the most challenging and rewarding our Orlando office ever played a part in.

The projected opening date for the SeaWorld Infinity Falls ride was the end of August 2018 or soon after.