VSC Fire & Security, Inc. has been in business since 1958; is privately owned and managed by a seasoned and long tenured committed leadership team. We’re a trusted partner with organizations that need support in designing sprinkler systems, alarm and security solutions, and inspections to ensure compliance.  We accomplish this by having state-of-the-art systems and over 950 highly trained employees across 15 offices, enabling VSC to provide reliable inspections and repairs to commercial, retail, government, and residential customers.

VSC is special for a lot of reasons, but there’s one that trumps them all: we value the individual. Our customers don’t see us, the company. They see and work with the individual—you. You’re the one who helps them out of a bind. You’re the one who shakes their hand. You’re the one who says, “We got this.” VSC is a company, yes. But we’re a company of individuals. And whatever you want to achieve you will always be first here.

Whether you’re a seasoned technician looking for new chances to grow; or just starting your career and exploring options perhaps in Design, Administration and/or Management, Finance or Human Resources; or perhaps a high school or GED graduate seeking a fulfilling long term career where you can learn a new trade or craft, along with a financially sound foundation, you have a future with VSC.

Feel free to use the buttons below to apply now or contact our Director of Human Resources, Charles Pursell, at (804) 459-2246.